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GTA: Hilarious Characters in the Franchise


When it comes to Grand Theft Auto and comedy, the former has never disappointed. Furthermore, the franchise appeal has its origin in its comedic nature, which is clear both from its controversial radio stations accompanied by the colourful characters who appear out of nowhere to assign you some never before seen tasks in Grand Theft Auto. Not to forget, it is this humour that is more often the very reason behind the most unforgettable scenes in this franchise. 

Only One Of The GTA Characters Is Worthy Of The Crown!

Nonetheless, even in the presence of entries of  both intense and grim nature, like Grand Theft Auto IV, the series managed to allocate some space for that much required humour. On the contrary, this is also a fact in regards to this Rockstar Games product, that when it comes to being the king of comedy – only one of them is worthy of the crown; in other words, the individual is more funnier than the others. 

Below are some of the characters directly from the Grand Theft Auto franchise with the capability to make you cry; all when you are unable to stop yourself from laughing. In search of GTA 5 modded accounts that come at industry competitive prices, your search comes to an end at CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

GTA: Comical Figures in the Series

1. Lazlow Jones 

Lazlow is a classic Grand Theft Auto character that has made an appearance in several of the Grand Theft Auto franchises. Talking about his debut appearance, he was first seen in Grand Theft Auto III playing the role of a RJ, where he interacted with some of the most uncommon callers on his radio show. Moving ahead, as he made repeat appearances in Grand Theft Auto III successors up to the recent Grand Theft Auto franchise (Grand Theft Auto V), one can easily notice a change in his personality. 

When it comes to his life story, it is amassed with the duo of crime and controversies; which is the prime reason that he behaves as a violent lunatic; which introduces that very comic taste in all his radio broadcasts; in the process making them something that must be listened to for sure. In search of modded grand theft auto accounts that offer crossplay functionality, have a look at the gta modded accounts xbox one listing available for buy at CSGOSmurfNinja to bring an end to your search. 

Moving forward, this is a reality too, that Laslow’s best appearance is in GTA V, the very first Grand Theft Auto franchise where he makes a physical appearance and interacts in person with the lead characters; in the process giving birth to some remarkable cutscenes.

2. Lamar Davis 

Lamar is one of those friends of Franklin, in the absence of whose former’s missions would feel empty. Despite the reality that this Grand Theft Auto character can be annoying at times and sometimes he might even get on your nerves, but despite all that, you cannot stop yourself from loving him. Get within hours delivery of your modded fortnite accounts, only at CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

Further, it is understandable why Grand Theft Auto developer: Rockstar Games had thought of having Lamar take over, in case you want Franklin to make the ultimate sacrifice in the concluding moments of the game. In addition to that, Lamar introduces some nice comic timing accompanied by great levity, when it comes to his characters; along with coming up with one or another rowdy comment or an awful idea that is fun to watch being put down by Franklin.

Not just that, Lamar is also an all-around loyal cum good natured character who plays a major role in making Franklin’s story somewhat more remarkable, in comparison to the Number Ones of other protagonists in the game. Get chat support for all your call of duty modded account purchases 365 days a year, only at CSGOSmurfNinja

Basic Information About Number One

With the term “number one” one means the person who is second in command. This position is more often held by an individual at a senior position, in other words one who is responsible for deploying the orders of his/her immediate senior. This term has its origins in the Star Trek TV Series Franchise. 

3. The Truth

The Truth is a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hippie who dispatches our protagonist: CJ on some of the wildest missions ever seen in this specific Grand Theft Auto franchise. To make things more interesting one of these missions involves CJ being asked to burn down a marijuana plantation to prevent the law from getting its hands on it, which resulted in CJ becoming intoxicated.

Final Words

Sticking with the regular practice, we will conclude this session with a brief recap of the central themes we have explored. To begin with, the GTA franchise is famous for its comedy; starting from its radio stations that are always a part of some ongoing controversy, or some of its fun characters that assign you some of the wildest missions that you have never seen before. Last but not least, let’s learn about some of these fun characters in detail above. 

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